October 30, 2013

The Science of Intranet Engagement: The how, why, where and what

Struggling to understand engagement? Engagement is a woolly term. One of those ideas that everyone agrees is a jolly good thing without anyone ever having to really define what they mean. Unsurprisingly intranet ‘gurus’ love engagement.

But for those of us at the sharp end of making stuff work, how can you really tell when an audience is engaged? And what can you do about it anyway?

SmallWorlders have been wrestling with this for some time, interrogating data, developing analytics and testing hypotheses with our clients (erm … thanks guys). And now we think we’ve cracked it. We’ve put our thoughts together in an eBook – The Science of Intranet Engagement. Download it now and learn the real how, why and what of intranet engagement. Discover the science behind what it means to have engaged employees. And receive tangible recommendations on how to make your intranet more engaging and more effective. And tell us what you think.

With this guide, you’ll uncover:

  • The three critical dimensions of intranet engagement
  • A robust framework for measuring effectiveness
  • Reasons why your intranet may be underperforming
  • And suggestions for what you can do to put things right

If you’d like to learn more, contact me to arrange your own 3D Engagement Workshop – a half-day no-commitment, no-obligation session where our engagement experts will focus on your intranet and your issues.

Download Our Free Ebook: The Science of Intranet Engagement Now

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