April 23, 2012

The Changing Role of Internal Communications: The Experts’ View

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If you’re an internal communicator you don’t need to be told that your world is in a state of flux. You’re dealing with it every day.

But out of turmoil comes opportunity. And that’s our expert focus: the things you can do to emerge as a better, stronger communicator.

Download our ebook (without so much as form to fill in) and meet:

  • David Grossman: introducing new leadership communication needs
  • Elizabeth Castro: outlining the emotional connection employees crave
  • Sean Williams: discussing the link between strategy and analytics
  • Richard Dennison: charting the fusion of social and communications
  • Francesca Castagnetti: broadening the internal communicator’s role
  • Amanda Merrill: highlighting how tools deliver real options
  • Kevin Cody: concluding with the path to true engagement

These are front line ideas powering real projects and innovations at Heineken, Nestle, BT, McDonalds, Microsoft, Kellogg’s and Mars.

It’s like the state of your world in one simple place.

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