July 5, 2016

SmallWorlders is sponsoring IntranetNow 2016

SmallWorlders is sponsoring IntranetNow again this year. Brian and Wedge have created something unique. A conference run by and for the people that attend. Not us as sponsors. So why do we sponsor this every year?

Well, because besides the usual suspects who turn up at intranet conferences across Europe, we get to hear from people who wouldn’t otherwise get a platform to share their experiences – experiences we can all learn from. This is the sort of conference we’d attend anyway so why shouldn’t we bask in reflected glory and sponsor it?

SmallWorlders sponsored the first IntranetNow in 2014. At that event my presentation was about measuring and benchmarking Intranet Engagement. In 2015 I gave a lightning presentation on how to create a strategy for Intranet Engagement. This year I intend to complete the series by talking about UX Design for Intranet Engagement.

IntranetNow is on 30th September at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel in London SE1 and you can get tickets online.

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