Intranet Strategy

We are the intranet engagement strategy and intranet adoption strategy experts.

Intranet adoption or intranet engagement issues?

With a wealth of data gathered through our analytics and benchmarking research we began to think about why some intranets succeed and others fail.

Combining this research with lessons taken from social scientists including Maslow, Everett Rogers and Geoffrey Moore, SmallWorlders developed the Intranet Engagement Framework.

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Here are three parts of the intranet engagement plan we use to sniff out some seemingly less tangible stuff that’s bound to need fine-tuning:

Resources Review

  • Intranet roles
  • People responsible for caring for the intranet
  • People involved in writing, design, data, analysis etc.
  • Training processes
  • Contribution levels

Content Strategy

  • Content Needs
  • Content Creation
  • Templates
  • Intranet Training processes
  • Frequency of updates and volume of assets


  • Intranet Governance
  • Community creation and management
  • Intranet Success metrics
  • Publishing protocols
  • Intranet Communication strategies

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