Want to know a bit more about our technology? Here are a few intranet platform details for the techies...

Intranet Platform Administration

Easy & Intuitive Platform Administration

A Microsoft .Net intranet platform

Our Sandbox™ platform is built on Microsoft .Net and SQL Server, the leading software framework full of coded solutions to common programming problems. That means more developers out there can understand the site we create, so you’re never stranded.

Intranet Platform Customisation

Free-Form Drag&Drop Layout Editor

Flexibility and customisation without developers

Our quick, easy and intuitive administration interface allows customised sites to be built without coding, meaning that site administrators are in complete and easy control of the entire site at all times. This includes site architecture, sections, page layouts, content templates, attributes, activation of features and functionality etc.

Scaleable and Secure

The Sandbox™ intranet platform allows:

  • Huge Scalability:

    Implementations from 150 users to 15,000 users to public websites and from a few GB to several TB of data,
  • Complete security confidence:

    The Sandbox™ platform has been audited and penetration tested by independent security experts,
  • Active Directory / ADFS Integration

    or application managed authentication.

Plays nicely with SharePoint

If you already have some assets inside portals built on Microsoft SharePoint, that's good: our SharePoint Connector makes it really easy to publish it within your Sandbox™ platform site (or vice versa).

Connect with our webservices API

If you want other systems to swap data with our Sandbox™ platform we have a webservices API you can use.