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Knowledge Management platform

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Intuitive content and knowledge management

You might think knowledge management means boring, turgid systems but, today, it’s about lightweight, social tools that make knowledge easy to capture and share:

  • Does your VP of marketing have some great insight into why that pan-European campaign worked so well? Have her write a snappy blog post of lessons learned.
  • Got a social media manager whose Facebook ads bring floods of clickthroughs? Get him to film a short tutorial and share it to the intranet.

The latest content-creation tools make it easy for anyone to share their expertise and knowledge, even if it’s just in a wall post or a quick iPhone video. And when you’ve got a great social intranet for distributing that content, it makes it much easier for people to find, view and share, meaning you spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time inventing the next big thing.

And of course a Sandbox intranet™ has all the features you need for organising and sharing your organisation’s knowledge quickly, easily and accessibly. For example, with Sandbox™ you can:

  • Create

    customised content templates

    (meaning your users only upload what they need to in every instance)
  • Allow unmoderated

    user generated content

  • Create an

    approvals workflow

  • Restrict the publication of content to

    named users or groups

  • Broadcast content

    to intranet, extranet and even web users
  • Personalise

    content, homepages, activity feeds and email alerts.
Knowledge Management Platform Upload Template

Three-step upload template

Lowering the knowledge sharing barriers

Some organisations have an enormous number of staff ready and eager to spend significant amounts of time writing and uploading content to your site. But that's rare, and may also require a period of education in order to build people's confidence in the intranet and its ease of use.

In the meantime, lower the barriers as much as possible:

  • place a big 'upload' button on the homepage
  • don't make users think about where the content goes on the site, the perfect title, or the keywords to make it searchable (that's for the Comms team)
  • make the template so simple they can upload content in three steps and in under 3 minutes

A system which allows users to contribute content in the same amount of time it would take to send an email - that's when organisational ideas sharing and bottom-up communication can really come into their own.