Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)

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"With teams scattered around the world, it can be hard to feel like one company."

enterprise social networking (ESN) platform

Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)

A comprehensive social networking toolkit

People stay in touch with Facebook, Skype and Twitter. And using the same social technologies at work helps bring virtual teams together, increase engagement on projects and campaigns, and help people to find information and skills quickly.

Your extended work family can stay in touch using the enterprise social networking features available with every intranet solution:

  • Personal profile pages

    - so colleagues can get to know you, understand what you’re about, and contact you when they need to
  • Status updates

    - so you can share content and let everyone know where you are and what you’re working on
  • Activity feeds

    - so everyone can see the content, comments and ideas you’ve added to the intranet lately
  • Blogs

    - to keep everyone informed about your latest campaign or the new strategic direction, or just to share a bunch of useful links you’ve gathered from the internet
  • Ratings and Likes

    - so you track what’s hot on the intranet, and which content people are finding useful (or not)
  • Comments

    - so content can spark conversations, questions and answers that lead to better use of your digital assets
  • Gamification

    - so you can reward people’s engagement and expertise with points, prizes and general kudos
  • Mobile access

    - so you can stay in touch and productive while on the move

And because no business is an island, there’s integration with Twitter and Skype for when you need to use external social sites too.