E-learning (LMS) and Event Management (EMS)

E-Learning (LMS) Platform | Event Management (EMS) Platform

"Social intranets are the ideal platform for organising, managing and delivering eLearning programmes."

E-Learning and Event Management Platform

E-Learning and Event Management

A complete e-learning environment

Companies like Heineken are using social intranets to create global 'universities' to manage employee development with a customised, SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

Features include:

  • E-learning Administration

    – Upload, organise and distribute elearning content.
  • E-learning Tracking and Reporting

    - Track progress through structured blended learning programmes and report on SCORM E-learning modules including pass rates, time spent, number of attempts.
  • Gamification Offers

    - Deploy social and organisational rewards to recognise performance that boost the organisation and employees
  • Social Support

    – Make learning social by enabling group discussion on learning topics, collaboration on assignments, quizzes and polls and feed comments.

The result? Actively engaged with trainers, content and each other, learners are more likely to enjoy and retain learning. Talk to us today to talk about how you can take eLearning social.

Event Management Platform

Easy Classroom & Event Management

A classroom and event management toolkit

With our integrated Event Management System (EMS), you can allow users to self-register for seminars, tutorials, masterclasses or you can manage attendance for training sessions with automated invitation emails.

Because the EMS sits side-by-side with the eLearning tools, you can set required e-learning for events. You can send automatic emails reminders to invitees who have not responded or attendees who have not completed the e-learning.

Features include:

  • Events

    - Manage invitations, confirmations, cancellations, waiting lists, easily
  • Attedance

    - Report on attendance
  • Tasks

    - Add pre or post things to do for your attendees
  • Notifications

    - Notify attendees of changes and remind them if their pre or post is not completed by your deadline
  • Event Tracking and Reporting

    – Report on all aspects of classroom events, including attendance and before and after course. Review email correspondence per event.