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Heineken Digital Asset Library

Digital Asset Library

Powerful digital asset libraries

You need to organise and manage lots of stuff: artwork, photos, screenshots, packshots, logos, graphics, videos, demos, mobile apps, campaign assets, fonts, print files, PDF... and they come with guidelines and restrictions, often in multiple formats and languages.

When you have a global team to support – which may also include external parties like suppliers, agencies, partners and journalists – you not only need a way to organise and manage these assets, you also need an easy way to make them available to everyone who wants to use them.

Intranets with digital asset management capabilites give you the power. Our intranet platform, Sandbox™ allows you to create a central repository for all your digital assets, making them easy to organise, easy to manage, easy to upload, and easy to share.

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Easy Uploading to Asset Library

Simple and easy for admins

Uploading a video? You’ll automatically get a thumbnail and a preview .flv file – just like on YouTube. With a hi-res image, you’ll get a thumbnail and a lo-res preview version. And with powerful tools to tag and categorise your assets, you can make sure that if someone’s looking for something, they can find it in a flash. No more trawling through emails looking for a logo, or ringing round agencies trying to get hold of that screenshot.

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