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"Whatever you are collaborating on, you’ll see better results if the project team can work together easily."

Collaboration Communities and Private Team Areas

Collaboration communities and private team areas

Team collaboration spaces created and managed by project leaders

With a Sandbox™ intranet you can bring distributed project teams together in one place, virtually. We’ve got all the collaboration tools you need to work smarter, better and faster. And because they’re part of your branded intranet, they all have the same familiar look and feel – yours.

Choose the tools that best fit your projects and working practices today, and add more as your needs evolve:

  • Social networking tools

    – profile pages, activity streams, content-sharing and status updates so everyone can stay in touch and see who’s doing what.
  • Easy file transfer

    – share content and send large work-in-progress files quickly to team members inside and outside the firewall.
  • Public and private messaging

    – so you can get answers, decisions and ideas faster than ever.
  • Local language options

    – helping multilingual teams to work together better.
  • Extranet options

    – bring clients, partners, media and suppliers securely into the project team.

With the right intranet tools you can collaborate easily and seamlessly, wherever your team members are. Talk to us today to discover how we can help you work better together.