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We’re the intranet software behind world-class portals.

Our award-winning social intranet software: Sandbox™

There is a variety of intranet software and content management systems (CMS) upon which intranets are built.

We developed an intranet platform called Sandbox™ (Of course you don’t have to use Sandbox™. Perhaps you have intranet software or content management system in place – and you like it? SmallWorlders can help you develop your intranet strategy and get more out of it).

Sandbox™ intranet software (CMS), however:

  • Consistently delivers the ease-of-use clients require,
  • Earns top honor at industry awards every year,
  • Can be configured just about any way you need,
  • Is delivered as a hosted service or integrated into your IT space.

One intranet software, many applications.

Our Sandbox™ intranet software is more than just a simple intranet content management system (CMS). It comes with a whole load of pre-coded goodies.

Mix these 'out-of-the-box' tools and features with our expertise and support, and you get the various solutions below.

Enterprise Social Network (ESN) platform

Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)

Help your team get to know each other and boost productivity

Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Keep control of how image, logos and other assets shared, used and stored with minimal fuss

collaboration community platform

Collaboration Communities

Execute better campaigns, do better work and win more accolades by working together

knowledge management (KM) platform

Knowledge Management (KM)

Reuse and repurpose collective knowledge to achieve things faster

intranet innovation communities

Innovation Communities

Turn ideas into revenue with tools that bring people and support to the table. Don’t just share ideas, develop new ones!

elearning (LMS) platform

E-learning (LMS) and Event Management (EMS)

Manage the skills development of your distributed marketing team

extranet platform


Bring in your closest stakeholders to work closely and securely together

Creative Competitions platform

Creative Competitions

Your teams enter their best work, everybody wins…

Powerful portals, flexible intranets, secure software.

Sandbox is built on SQL server and .NET. An API allows us to integrate the intranet platform with other LOB solutions. It’s been subjected to all kinds of security tests and passed with flying colors.

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