October 5, 2016

Intranet Now 2016

Intranet Now conference

Photo credit: Intranet Now.

At the very end of Friday’s conference, the team at Intranetizen won a richly deserved Diamond award for their contributions to the intranet community. It was lovely moment, but also one that served to highlight just what makes Intranet Now such a unique event; this is place for participation rather than consumption; a place for community as much as commerce, somewhere to learn, to share stories (good and bad) and join together with our peers in trying to figure out how we can collectively do our jobs better.

The incredibly dense schedule featured a huge variety of speakers giving very short talks.  Often, as with talks like Martin White‘s ‘History of Intranets’ or James Dellow‘s ‘Agile approach to intranets’ they felt way too short — I would have loved to have heard more — but as this series of bite sized ideas gradually coalesced into a snapshot of where we are at as a profession, it was hard to find fault with the format.

Highlight of the day for me was Paul Zimmerman‘s talk on User Experience for the 100%. It’s a subject I had never heard explained in this way and proved a fascinating insight as well as a great opportunity for sneaking photos like this;

three men in eye-masks

In between talks there were opportunities to talk through some of the ideas with other intranet professionals and people in the process of planning a new project. We had some amazing discussions with a host of organisations about our engagement model (more info on our intranet engagement page).

Later in the day the audience split into smaller workshops and a Global cafe —  the workshop format worked really well for me, but I found the Global cafe  slightly hit-and-miss; I think the time limit made it harder to get much depth out of a discussion (especially if there were lots of people in a  group).

The day rounded off with some drinks in a little pub down the road (thank you DWG!). The sun was out and as the poker chips got quickly spent it felt like the beginning of some great friendships.

So thank you to Wedge and Brian for hosting–already looking forward to next year!

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