June 5, 2014

Intranet Engagement Benchmarking

Senior communications executives from BT, Balfour Beatty, BBC, EE, Linklaters, Experian and Old Mutual joined SmallWorlders for a round table on Intranet Engagement Benchmarking in the Soho Hotel yesterday.

In return for providing their intranet data, the companies received a report card specifying their engagement score and how this compared to the benchmark of all companies’ scores.

There was a general consensus on one of the key issues facing communicators – a need to demonstrate the value of the internal communications effort. For many, “number crunching” is becoming a bigger aspect of their job.  Despite this need to be able to report on intranet success, many of the organisations in attendance struggled to provide the raw data needed to produce their engagement scores.

In truth, an intranet engagement score cannot in itself demonstrate this value.  However, an organisation’s performance against a benchmark can demonstrate relative value and movements in the engagement score can be used to demonstrate the impact of investments (or indeed a lack thereof).

It was also interesting to note that while all the companies had provided a single data set, it became clear that for most of the attendees “the intranet” wasn’t a single system but a collection of systems. Indeed as the intranet’s remit broadens to include transactional systems and mobile apps as part of the “digital workplace” it’s becoming increasingly difficult to define “the intranet”. However, the possibility of creating an aggregate score for the multiple intranets within an organisation and then measuring each of the individual system’s performance against this aggregate score appealed. This would allow the communications team to objectively measure which intranets are performing well and which are not. SmallWorlders are now looking at how to create this aggregate score, though it may be that an organisational benchmark could fulfil the same objective.

Whilst everyone agreed the benchmark was useful, a few attendees were more excited by the diagnostic aspects of the engagement score. By monitoring the engagement over time, it allows companies to identify specific events or initiatives that have impacted the score. It also allows companies to drill down through the rich data set that created the score to identify specific issues that if addressed, would positively impact engagement (e.g. interest, passive, active or advocate activity etc.)

If you would like to attend the next session and receive your benchmarked engagement score then you can find more information and sign-up here

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Odessa Winston
September 9, 2016 at 1:24 am

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