Intranet Analytics

Intranet analytics or intranet benchmarking? We’re experts on the analysis of intranet engagment. We benchmark intranets too.

We wrote the book on intranet analytics...

Yes really. In 2013 we published an eBook and slideshare presentation that described a formula to measure intranet engagement.

Since then we have developed the formula further such it can be applied to any intranet, the result of which is a single number that can uniquely describe an intranet’s engagement level.

Every intranet can now be directly and meaningfully compared with others.

Benchmark your intranet with us.

SmallWorlders are undertaking a intranet benchmarking research exercise.

The aim is to build up a data set to enable organisations to benchmark their intranet against an average intranet engagement score.

Companies who participate by providing their intranet benchmarking data (all data will be held confidentially and any results will be anonymous) will receive a free analysis of their intranet engagement.

This exercise provides not just a comparison to organisations across the world, but in organisations that are similar to them – perhaps in the same industry sector, the same size, the same type of intranet etc.

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