Case Study: NESTLÉ Henri

"Our intranet is brilliant. It’s an amazing platform that is user-friendly and so contemporary it almost feels like you’re not working at all … an amazing asset."

Caroline Dewar, Nestlé, Canada

Nestlé Henri Homepage

Nestlé Henri Homepage

How Nestlé's Henri evolved from knowledge management tool to social beast

Many employees see their intranet as a clunky and bafflingly complex way to submit expense reports.

Who can blame them? The majority of corporate intranets have been built by well intentioned IT teams focused on technologies rather than user-friendly applications.

But not every intranet is like that. The best ones are flexible, easy-to-use tools that grow to support the needs of the organisation. They solve problems, often one at a time, until they become a fundamental cog of corporate communications.

That’s the path Nestlé’s marketing team’s intranet, Henri, followed. This is his story.

Problem Solved #1

Every year the Nestlé marketing department held a best-of-the-best award ceremony to celebrate the most creative (and effective) marketing campaigns executed across the world.

Marketers loved the process. They would learn from one of the richest and productive sources of ideas – their peers. And they didn’t want that learning to end when the last gong was handed out.

The team wanted to create a 24/7 resource for Nestlé marketers where award submissions could be submitted, judged, searched and discussed. And they needed a tool that could take on the job.

Henri stepped up. With a few tweaks he took possession of over 500 past case studies (all fully categorized) and made judging and voting for new campaigns easier with simple accessibility and sharing.

With the awards working smarter and harder than ever before, the team couldn’t help but think about what else Henri could do.

Problem Solved #2

Henri soon flexed his knowledge sharing muscles again, taking control of Nestlé’s famous Consumer Insights and Nutritional Compass research.

The goal was simple: put things that people need to know online and make it easy to digest. It’s another of Henry’s strengths: delivering rich experiences that help transform relatively dry reports into rich, dynamic images, charts and video information. Before long Henri worked as a de facto news sources of information across the organisation for Nestlé with staff and agencies, using profiles, sharing the latest campaign information and relevant reports.

"SmallWorlders showed us how to create communities that work - communities where Nestlé people contribute, collaborate and are truly engaged."

Amanda Merrell, Consumer Excellence Champion, Maternal and Infant Nutrition, Nestlé

Simple upload template for posting Charity Ride images

Simple upload template for posting Charity Ride images

Problem Solved #3

But Henri is much more than a knowledge management tool. And he soon got the chance to prove it.

A hardy group of Nestlé employees set out on a charity ride from Norway to Switzerland and wanted to keep colleagues up to date. They wanted to post images, blog and get feedback and support across the company.

It’s a social task that any good intranet should thrive on. And that’s just what happened as Nestlé staff visited Henri in their droves to find out the latest information and virtually cheer on their colleagues.

With one simple application marketers realised their knowledge management tool was also a social tool. And that opened the door for his next challenge.

Problem Solved #4

A simple, user-friendly and value-adding intranet soon gets noticed. And, before long, smart marketers within Nestlé’s business units started to notice the benefits on show.

First up came the team from Infant Nutrition. They wanted to fuse Henri’s knowledge management and social skills into one big melting pot of content and conversation (both positive and negative) to drive the business forward with real-life tales from the trenches.

The team provided users lots of contribution options, from simple likes and comments, right through to campaign case studies and rich content (images, videos) uploads.

But the platform didn’t stay still. As local marketers and their agencies started uploading the appetite for activity rocketed.

Today Henri plays a significant role in major events, often housing live broadcasts and videos to enable real-time impact and longer analysis of key internal events.

Nestlé Henri Social Feed

Nestlé Henri Socal Feed

Intranet Results

A good intranet is people focused and ever changing with content and new feeds. Henri, built on our Sandbox™ intranet platform, proved it could deliver both, with great features to drive user-generated content and, as a result, grew from one project to drive value across the Nestlé business.

The Infant Nutrition section has seen over 20 per cent of users contribute content to keep the community active and prosperous.

The other reason is effective intranet deployment. Each project supported the communications of an existing community and didn’t fall into the trap of using an intranet to try to create a community.

The mix of good planning and execution turned Henri into the hero he is today.