Case Study: Forevermark Media Centre

Following the success of ‘Sparkle’ the De Beers’ Forevermark intranet, SmallWorlders were asked to create a Media and Press Extranet.

Here are some of our learnings and experiences from the project.

Forevermark Homepage

Forevermark Homepage

How Forevermark communicate to different audiences in different languages

The objective was to provide chosen journalists throughout the world a simple and secure press website, comprising relevant Forevermark materials such as press releases, events information, advertising campaign material and brand assets.


Importantly the site had to appear market specific, i.e. reflecting the activity in that market and presented in the local language.

With a bit of customisation the Sandbox™ platform contained all of the functionality to meet Forevermark’s requirements.

The site was launched initially in Japanese and English followed by Simplified Chinese. It continues to be rolled out to additional markets/languages.

A simple solution to a complex problem

The Press Extranet is essentially three language sub-sites (with different menus, sections and content) administered as a single site.

Users can swap between the Japanese, English and Simplified Chinese sub-sites by ‘changing their location’ from a link in the footer. On changing their location all site views, quick searches and email correspondence are updated to the relevant content and language.

All 3 sitelets use the same templates for content and user profiles, thereby reducing the maintenance required to manage these templates.

Measurement & Management

SmallWorlders monitor the site and its usage and provide Forevermark with a summary report every quarter.

This report includes further analysis and interpretations of the usage patterns to make recommendations on improving the user experience through design tweaks, additional functionality, different content etc.