June 21, 2016

Driving intranet engagement around a major international football tournament

So what better way to celebrate the Euro 2016 Championships than a good old-fashioned competition. That’s what those clever people at Chalhoub have done. After the success of a similar game run for the Rio World Cup in 2014, the lucky employees of Chalhoub group are currently in the grip of a month-long competition to predict the outcomes and scores of all the matches in the tournament.

There are 6 rounds of predictions, each prediction window opening for a few days preceding the matches that are being predicted in that window. Each person is invited to predict for each match the outcome (Team 1 wins / Team 2 wins / Draw) and the exact score. Then as each match is played, points are awarded for correct predictions.


There has been a noticeable air of excitement within the organization as each morning the successful predicters are awarded their points. Every time a competitor receives points for a correct prediction they receive an email notifying them. The result is a killer driver to the site, and needless to say the Edge Euro2016 competition is quite the talking point within the company right now.

The resultant engagement is not bad either….


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