Google Material & Faster Horses – Friday Night Links

Welcome to the first of our Friday Night Links series, where different members of the team write-up their favourite links of the week. Google’s ‘Material’ Interaction Design First off Google’s new design. Lots of discussion in the studio this week about the Google Material guidelines (and oohing & aaahing at the wonderful Google Inbox). I […]

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Why Your Marketing Intranet Fails: Avoid the pitfalls which might spoil your fun

It was conceived as a boring platform where people could fill in a timesheet, or download an expense report. No one ever thought it should be fun, so it ended up as a triumph of function over imagination. For finance departments or operations types, this kind of dull functionality might be acceptable. But for marketing […]

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How to Win the Nielsen Usability Award

It’s that time of year when the doyens of web usability, the Nielsen Norman group, publish the Intranet Design Annual 2011. The report is the intranet equivalent of Top Gun: the place where only the ‘best of the best’ get their name on the plaque. And (cue drum roll and muffle natural modesty) we’re made […]

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