Intranet Now 2016

Intranet Now conference
Photo credit: Intranet Now. At the very end of Friday’s conference, the team at Intranetizen won a richly deserved Diamond award for their contributions to the intranet community. It was lovely moment, but also one that served to highlight just what makes Intranet Now such a unique event; this is place for participation rather than consumption; a place for community […]

SmallWorlders is sponsoring IntranetNow 2016

SmallWorlders is sponsoring IntranetNow again this year. Brian and Wedge have created something unique. A conference run by and for the people that attend. Not us as sponsors. So why do we sponsor this every year? Well, because besides the usual suspects who turn up at intranet conferences across Europe, we get to hear from […]

Event: Strategies for Intranet Success

Our Mission Over the past two years SmallWorlders have made it our mission to proselytise the intranet community about the nitty gritty of engagement: what to measure, how to measure it, and how to benchmark it. As well as, of course, how to achieve it. In 2014 SmallWorlders ran a number of briefings with over 50 […]

Do they know it’s not Christmas?

It’s mid January and it already feels like a million miles away from the jingle bells and fairy lights of Christmas 2014. But we thought it’s only fair to follow up on our Christmas Card Roundup with a rundown of our Christmas Card for 2014.  2014 – SmallWorlders Festive Spinnny Spin Thing™ The planning The undoubted success […]